Production Support

audio event design, atlanta audio

  • Live audio design and implementation for large and small venue applications
  • Entertainment level audio support capabilities
  • On Site Multi Camera switching systems
  • HD Video acquisition and Digital Image magnification
  • Multi-Format Tape acquisition
  • High Impact lighting Design and support
  • Scenic and Stage design, from concept to creation

Creative Design & Decor

stage, scenic design, branding, graphic

  • Translating concepts into graphic themes
  • Theme integration and branding
  • Innovative stage and scenic design
  • Main event, trade show and breakout design integration
  • Creating high impact lighting effects
  • Producing custom video and graphic presentations

Pre-production Planning

av, equipment, pre-production, event planning

  • CAD drawings: Room layouts, seating & rigging plans
  • Specifying of audio, video, and lighting equipment
  • Fire Marshal and local ordinance approvals
  • Labor procurement and management
  • Heavy equipment procurement
  • Acquiring keynote speakers and entertainment
  • Transportation Coordination

Lighting & Special Effects

lighting design, special effects, professional

  • Custom lighting design
  • Special effects lighting
  • Intelligent and conventional instruments
  • Professional lighting designers

Audio Design & Production

concert quality, audio recording, sound

  • Concert quality sound systems
  • Audio recording
  • Professional audio engineers
  • Top-of-the-line professional audio equipment

Video, Projection, & Graphics

projection, video, graphics, broadcast, camera

  • Advanced projection technologies
  • Broadcast quality cameras
  • Seamless graphic and video switching
  • Blended screen techologies

On-site Production

crew, stage management, scenic

  • Crew and stage management
  • Show direction and rigging
  • Scenic installation
  • Lighting, audio and video operation
  • Special effects

Audio Visual Services

Whether you're a meeting planner, a producer, a marketing director, or the head of an association, Tech Rentals AV has a solution for you.

  • Creative Design & Decor
  • 3D Renderings & CAD Drawings
  • Pre-production Planning and Labor Coordination
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • State-of-the-art Audio Visual Equipment
  • Concert Quality Audio and Custom Lighting Rigs
  • Broadcast Quality Video Cameras
  • Seamless Video and Graphic Switching

We have worked with a range of clients with a wide range of needs.  From Fortune 500 companies to non profit organizations, they all share a common desire... they want results, and they don't want to have to worry about AV.

With each client, our process starts the starts with you.  It begins with a conversation about your goals, your message, your audience.  This focus on "you" helps us to better understand your event, so when it comes time for your show, you have exactly what you want.

Tech Rentals AV has the experienced staff, the right audio visual equipment, and the technical know-how to handle even the most challenging of projects.  Our team of a/vprofessionals works with you from conception to completion, to ensure that you get the results you desire, time after time.

Trust Tech Rentals AV for your next event.  Contact us to learn more about our production services, or submit a request for proposal to get started today.